Parent Painting 2
oil and rhinestones on panel, 24”x36”, 2019

oil and Scotchcast on paper, 6’x3’, 2019

An Illusion
oil and Ace bandage on wood, 24”x24”, 2019

Musical House
oil on panel, 16”x24”, 2019

Parent Frame
oil on panel with hole, 16”x24”, 2019

Patience Music Box
oil on panel, 12”x18”, 2019

Parent Painting 1
oil on panel, 16”x24”, 2019

Writer of the Apocalypse  (After Kandinsky’s Rider of the Apocalypse)
Acrylic, oil, and gauze strips on linen, 30”x30”, 2019

Oil, sand, Ace Bandage on panel, 11”x14”, 2019
© Audrey Gair